Friday, November 9, 2012

1st ER trip

It is sad to say that I hear loud screams down the hallway from my class all the time at school. So last Monday when I heard a blood curdling scream, I paused a moment but did not go to help with the problem. A few minutes later, one of my co-workers came in and said she was going to stand with my class while I checked on Naomi Kate. She said NK hurt her finger. Well, okay- she had a substitute teacher that day and I had told her to come get me if NK got upset. I'm thinking, Ugh! she scratched her finger and was freaking out about it. Ummm- NO not so much. When I get to her she is sobbing uncontrollably and one of my other co-workers is trying to calm her. She tells me to turn NK's head so she can look. Hmmm... that sounds scary. I turn her face and we peek at the finger that is gushing blood. OH NO!! What do I do? We start running to the office for the nurse- my friend says No Valerie you will have to take her and points to the outside where my car is. Yes- my car! We have to go to the ER! Before we leave the nurse checks it out and confirms my fears that she will have to get the top of her finger sewn back on. I had several offers to drive us, I don't know how but we made it there very quickly thanks to my lead foot. I called Josh on the way and he is getting V ready and meeting us there. NK is crying and telling me she loves me and Daddy. She is also upset about not getting to carve her pumpkin of all things. Once at the ER they take her back quickly and Josh handles things from there. NK was the bravest girl ever. After she calmed down and they got her some pain meds she started worrying about the little girl who slammed her finger in the door and wanted to make sure she didn't get in trouble. She also apologized to the Dr. for crying. The nurse said she was the best child she had seen with that kind of injury in 25 years. Proud mommy! She had a broken finger,and they had to remove her finger nail to stitch the top of her finger back on. She is healing nicely now and doing great!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

9 after 6 before = 15 years together!

Josh and I have been a couple for almost 1/2 our lives. Kinda weird-I know, but still special too. Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband! I love the way you... 1) Hold my hand 2) Open the door for me 3) Have a great sense of direction 4) Say sweet things (I look nice or sexy) 5) Do chores without being asked 6) Take care of the girls 7) Do little things (like loading CD's for me) 8) Kiss me before you leave for work 9) Love me!! And so much more...but I decided to do only 9.

The Beach (umm-3 months ago!)

We headed to the beach for the 1st time with children at the beginning of March during Spring Break. We had an absolute blast! The kids loved everything and we did too! When we first got there it was a little cloudy, and one day the fog was so thick you couldn't see a foot in front of you. Most of the days were great though and we chilled at the beach. In one of the pics you will see V doing her flamingo pose. She wasn't crazy about the sand at first and never was comfortable in the ocean. She got over her spitting and crying phase when she realized it was actually fun! NK was totally loving jumping around in the ocean untill... She fell in! It was one of those really funny moments that wasn't funny to her. We had to head back to the room and take a shower with our clothes on to get all the sand off. Ha! Yes we came home with hermin (what NK calls them) crabs. 4 of them because Josh found out that hermit actually means colony and they like to have friends. Who knew?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Turkey Baby turning 1!

V is turning 1 on Friday! We can't believe she is growing so fast and is already walking! We had a great little 1 year old bday party for the turkey baby. Here are the highlights: V and NK matching turkey shirts, V had to eat right as the party started (her fave thing to do), NK and Daddy making balloon animals... sorta, Nollie and Vivi kissing(didn't get any pics of that), Vivi giving Gran-dad really sweet icing sugars, Meila eating the icing off the floor, and all our great friends and family coming to celebrate.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall 2011

Wow! It has been AWHILE! Sorry, school starts and everything is too fast and too busy. Here is the latest with the Halloween last night and few extra's. NK had to have a witch pumpkin. So, daddy "hunched out" (NK's words) the pumpkin and made it a witch pumpkin.