Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Real actual snow!

We actually got some snow on our 6th snow day! NK and I watched it snow together then we went out and played in it.

Her boots are a little small but she managed okay in them.

She didn't have any reservations about touching the snow. I thought she would since she is apprehensive when she first touching anything new (like the pumpkin guts.)
Then she enjoyed trying to taste it and throwing it at me.

Her favorite part was the "hot chocit" when we got back inside.

Mom's Treatment

Mom is going in on Friday for her first chemo treatment. They have told her that it is going to be pretty bad the first time and her hair will probably fall out after this first one. She is very nervous about it and worried. Please continue to pray for her strength, peace, help, and fast recovery.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine Birthday Party

Everyone is invited to NK's bday party on Valentine's Day at church. Her birthday is 2 days after on the 16th but that is a Monday (and President's Day.) I think she is ready to be 2 years old, she has been practicing a bit lately.

Thank yous

We have been playing with all of our Christmas toys. She has really enjoyed everything. Thanks again to all for her amazing Christmas gifts. Here are a few pics of her playing with her new toys.

Her new outfit is adorable.

She loves to dump all her blocks out and "buid somtin." She also loves to put the girl in the car and send her down the slide.

She gives her doggie a kiss and feeds her baby Bella.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Again

I know you thought Christmas was over but think again. Get out your Santa hats and Ho, ho, ho's for one more Christmas at Great-Grandma's house. Naomi Kate did exceptionally well for only a 20 minute nap. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and Lauren's birthday party. The cake was delicious and the presents were perfect.

Naomi Kate loved my new pajama pants, she follows me around when I where them and wants to touch them and say "these are soff."