Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zoo Trip 09

We really enjoyed the zoo! Naomi Kate was enthralled with all the animals but the meerkat's especially. We got to take one home with us and that was the best to her. Now she sleeps with her "murkat" everynight. Check out the pic of me as a jakal- very funny. Nk and I rode the caurosel and I actually liked it. I thought it would make me want to vomit but this was not the case. Thank you Lord.
On a side note: Mom is done with her radiation treatment and is really feeling the burn. The doc said it would get worse before better- kinda like NK's tantrums. She still has to do chemo for the remainder of the year but guess what... The year is over half way finished! Thanks for your continued prayers.

My jakal cameo was the first pic. In case you were wondering.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carp's Wedding

"Naomi Kate, where is mommy going?" says Daddy in his matter of fact tone. "Iiiooowwaau." NK drawls out. "And what is in Iowa?" Daddy asks. NaKa just looks at him. "Nothin!" Daddy says.
Well, the truth is there was "uh reddin" in NK language. I rode with my friend from school Sheri up to Iowa for another school friends wedding this past weekend. It took us about 9 hours to get there and 7 to get back. We got stuck in lots of rain on the way. We had a blast dancing the night away and driving through the corn fields (only scenery there was).
We will miss Kristen! She is moving to St. Louis with her new hubby.

Mommy's home!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

25 Things about me

25 Things About Me
Favorite Color- Pink
Favorite Food- garlic noodles
Favorite Drink- Fruit Tea, Dr. Pepper
Favorite Fun Activity- roller coasters, watching hockey
Favorite Movie- You've Got Mail, Pirates of the Carribean
Favorite Book- Bible, Redeeming Love, Twilight
Favorite Music Group-Bon Jovi
Favorite Make-up Product- Eye shadow- so much fun to put on!
Favorite Restaurant- Olive Garden, Carraba's
Favorite Hobby- blogging, facebook, reading
Favorite Store- Kohl's
What I drive- Nissan Altima
Where I work- HB Williams Elementary
Who I love- many
When I was born- 9-23
Newest Obsession- Farmtown
Best Friend- Mags (I followed the rules, singular friend:))
Pets- 2 cats, Ms. Boo, and Mr. Bobo
Children- Naomi Kate
Husband- Joshua Trent
I am scared of-growing up
I wish- for wisdom
I dislike- divorce
I adore- the Lord
I enjoy- my family and my fabulous life!
Now, I tag anyone who wishes to let me know 25 things about them :)

Brown Ice

We had a fun morning with Ms. Shelley and Caroline. When we arrived at their house Shelley and her husband (Josh) were scrambling around in the kitchen cleaning up. Apparently Shelley put a Dr. Pepper in the ice maker to get it cold. Josh (not knowing or seeing Shelley) turned on the ice maker and started turning it and brown ice started coming out. I thought it was funny- they of course did not since they were cleaning it up.
"No Kay" as Caroline calls her had so much fun playing on the slide, swing, in the kiddie pool, and sprinkler. We found a huge bug on the side of Shelley's house. I had to take a picture of it. I forgot that we were swimming and I didn't bring NK's suit so she wore some of Caroline's clothes b/c we didn't think her swimsuit would fit. You can see the difference in their sizes in one of the pictures. NK looks like a giant- she is so tall! She also really enjoyed the "woegurt" that Shelley brought for her for lunch. It is the gogurt kind that they suck out of the plastic tube. Naomi Kate got it all over her! It was pretty funny b/c Caroline, who is 2 mos younger didn't spill a drop on herself. Fun times!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th, 2009

We had a great 4th! We went to Bryan and Amy's house to eat and watch some fireworks. Of course the firework thing didn't really happen b/c it was pouring. There is a good pic of all the kids looking out the window at the lightning.