Thursday, July 9, 2009

25 Things about me

25 Things About Me
Favorite Color- Pink
Favorite Food- garlic noodles
Favorite Drink- Fruit Tea, Dr. Pepper
Favorite Fun Activity- roller coasters, watching hockey
Favorite Movie- You've Got Mail, Pirates of the Carribean
Favorite Book- Bible, Redeeming Love, Twilight
Favorite Music Group-Bon Jovi
Favorite Make-up Product- Eye shadow- so much fun to put on!
Favorite Restaurant- Olive Garden, Carraba's
Favorite Hobby- blogging, facebook, reading
Favorite Store- Kohl's
What I drive- Nissan Altima
Where I work- HB Williams Elementary
Who I love- many
When I was born- 9-23
Newest Obsession- Farmtown
Best Friend- Mags (I followed the rules, singular friend:))
Pets- 2 cats, Ms. Boo, and Mr. Bobo
Children- Naomi Kate
Husband- Joshua Trent
I am scared of-growing up
I wish- for wisdom
I dislike- divorce
I adore- the Lord
I enjoy- my family and my fabulous life!
Now, I tag anyone who wishes to let me know 25 things about them :)


Jenny said...

Good job...sorry I was a rule breaker!

Maggie said...

AWWWW, your my best friend too. love you!

Maggie said...

oh, and i love the pic of nk holding gg. can you email it to me?