Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zoo Trip 09

We really enjoyed the zoo! Naomi Kate was enthralled with all the animals but the meerkat's especially. We got to take one home with us and that was the best to her. Now she sleeps with her "murkat" everynight. Check out the pic of me as a jakal- very funny. Nk and I rode the caurosel and I actually liked it. I thought it would make me want to vomit but this was not the case. Thank you Lord.
On a side note: Mom is done with her radiation treatment and is really feeling the burn. The doc said it would get worse before better- kinda like NK's tantrums. She still has to do chemo for the remainder of the year but guess what... The year is over half way finished! Thanks for your continued prayers.

My jakal cameo was the first pic. In case you were wondering.

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