Monday, July 26, 2010

Aquarium 2010

It's times like these that I wish Blogger had a slideshow kind of post. There are a lot of pictures here and we had so much fun! The drive was not bad and NK fell asleep in the truck as soon as we got back in to leave. We love taking trips!

She loved petting the stingrays! That was her favorite part about the aquarium. She went back 3 times to touch them and after we left that part she kept asking to go back. We bought her a stingray souvenir that is a black and white stingray (imagine that) and she named it Daisy.

NK really loved the "river" pool outside of the aquarium. Yes, we could have saved a lot of $ and just brought her swimsuit and played in the pool. Kids will be kids.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC about me

Saw this on Jenny's blog and thought it as super cute!

A-age 29 (not for much longer though)
B-bed size: King (best bed in the world says so on the commercials)
C-chore you hate: vacuuming!
D-dads name: PopPop, Gary
E-essential start your day item: food (since I've been preggo)
F-fav. TV show: NCIS, Big Bang Theory
G-gold or silver? both
H-height: 5'4"
I-instruments you play: flute
J-job title; K teacher
K-kids: Naomi Kate 3 and new baby5mos in the belly
L-living arrangements: my new house! with my Joshua and NK
M-mom's name: Nana, Sharon
N-nicknames: momma, val, big sexy(j/k)
O-operations: none
P-pet peeve: making excuses and blaming others
Q-quotes you like: Phil.4:8 and To teach is to touch a life forever
R-right or left handed: right
S-siblings: older brother
T-time you wake up: School year 5:15am, Summer 8
U-ultimate dessert: ooohh so many to choice from- Vanilla Bean cheesecake from Cheesecake factory
V-veggies you dislike: normally I like them all-since I've been pregnant I haven't like any of them! Having to drink V8 juice to keep healthy. I hope this doesn't mean I will struggle to get this baby to eat veggies.
W-ways you run late: (I feel like I'm playing Scattergories) being lazy and not getting up when I should
X-x-rays: my head (yes really), my lungs
Y-yummy foods you make: clam dip, sugar cookies
Z-zoo animals: tigers

4th of July

4th of July was great over at Bryan and Amy's this year!

The smokey picture was a slight mishap behind the garage where the kiddos lit some fireworks in the wrong place and then took of running.

This first picture in this section was taken right before she grabbed the fire part of the sparkler (NK called them sprinklers) and burned 3 of her fingers. She still has a scar. Hopefully she won't remember doing this and will still try the sprinklers next year.

Maggie's Baby Shower

Maggie will be having that sweet baby boy in about 2 1/2 weeks! Please be praying for them. We had a lot of fun at the shower. Mr. Nolan Ford (the president heehee) has lots of new cute clothes to wear. David would want me to say new manly clothes I'm sure but they are baby boy cute. Can't wait to meet their newest addition.

The girls played tea party and were very sweet together. Anna made the cutest! matching outfits for GG and Nolan. Georgia loves ducks so it has sweet little ducks on it.