Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC about me

Saw this on Jenny's blog and thought it as super cute!

A-age 29 (not for much longer though)
B-bed size: King (best bed in the world says so on the commercials)
C-chore you hate: vacuuming!
D-dads name: PopPop, Gary
E-essential start your day item: food (since I've been preggo)
F-fav. TV show: NCIS, Big Bang Theory
G-gold or silver? both
H-height: 5'4"
I-instruments you play: flute
J-job title; K teacher
K-kids: Naomi Kate 3 and new baby5mos in the belly
L-living arrangements: my new house! with my Joshua and NK
M-mom's name: Nana, Sharon
N-nicknames: momma, val, big sexy(j/k)
O-operations: none
P-pet peeve: making excuses and blaming others
Q-quotes you like: Phil.4:8 and To teach is to touch a life forever
R-right or left handed: right
S-siblings: older brother
T-time you wake up: School year 5:15am, Summer 8
U-ultimate dessert: ooohh so many to choice from- Vanilla Bean cheesecake from Cheesecake factory
V-veggies you dislike: normally I like them all-since I've been pregnant I haven't like any of them! Having to drink V8 juice to keep healthy. I hope this doesn't mean I will struggle to get this baby to eat veggies.
W-ways you run late: (I feel like I'm playing Scattergories) being lazy and not getting up when I should
X-x-rays: my head (yes really), my lungs
Y-yummy foods you make: clam dip, sugar cookies
Z-zoo animals: tigers

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