Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday

*the baby butterfly movements- lets me know everything is okay
*Joshua and NK
*Gigi's cupcakes
*a nice friend at school who made dinner for me
*good christian friends
*Naomi Kate knowing all her letters and sounds
*all the kids in my class and their sweet, innocent hearts
*all the support I got on Sunday and Monday about the baby
*fried pickles (wish I had some right now)
*Transformers (funniest movie ever)
*Phil. 4:8-9

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

*Being pregnant (although it is making me feel like vomitting even right at this moment)
*On that note saltine crackers
*my faith
*Field Day
*a sweet friend at school that gave me a "pregnancy kit" today
*my Kiddos at school
*Ms. Boo
*NK playing by herself for almost 20 minutes while I watch some of LOST
*Country music stars singing for Nashville Flood $
*Especially Vince Gill
*My wonderful comfy fabulous BED
*Mother's Day
*My mamma, mom-in-law, step mom, and grandma

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Flood

I know this is absolutely nothing compared to all the devastation in Nashville but that was as bad as it got for us. The creek down the road from us was completely normal this morning. We are blessed to live on a hill. We are praying for those who lost houses and all their things. One of Josh's co-workers houses was badly flooded. We saw a picture of their yard on the internet. They just finished remodeling. If you don't live in TN take a look at all the pictures on the net it is heartbreaking and please pray for us!

Easter pics in May

This was a fun Easter day for all of us. Josh, Amy, and I "hid" all the eggs and then Grandmom and Grandad and Uncle Bryan brought the kids to us. They had LOTS of eggs to find and we are not sure they even got them all. Someone might find an egg down there when they go to plant their green beans. Hope it's a money egg! The 3 kiddos went to it and found eggs then posed for a picture. Amy found a perfect place and set the stage. It took several shots and we really only got the one good picture at the bottom. I put the one before it in there b/c that was what most of pictures looked like. 2 of the kids would look good but the 3rd would not-isn't that always the way. We love her bunny shirt. Thanks Allison! Notice I did succeed in braiding NK's hair! Yay! Thanks to a hairspray tip from a friend at school (Thanks Carlette). Happy Easter to you in May.