Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 09

Well, for most of December we could not find our camera. Yes, it was after we had unpacked all the boxes and pretty much everything was put away. What can I say we are talented in the losing things area, me especially. Here is Cookies with Santa, Christmas morning & day, Christmas with Dad and Cindy, Christmas with mom. Don't worry there is still one more Christmas with Great Grandma this coming Saturday. WARNING! This blog is very long, I don't know how to make picture collages. Anyone want to teach me??

Cookies for Santa was much easier this year. NK was a big help and she got to eat a cookie. Daddy also let us open some presents early.

Christmas morning was so much fun this year! She had a great time opening presents and playing with her new things. I think the computer was the biggest hit. She pondered for a few seconds the Santa plate of cookies that had disappeared.

We had a great time at our new house with the Grissom Bunch this year. Naomi Kate got a mermaid outfit and insisted that she had to try it on. She was going on an overloaded 2 year old mind that had not gotten a nap, so I gave her what she wanted. Either that or suffer WW2yr old. Uncle Sock was a great Santy and gave NK all the presents she wanted!

PopPop and MomMom got NK some dress up clothes, jewelry, and high heels. She loved trying on all the clothes. She had tons of fun dancing with PopPop and having tea parties.

We had lots of fun with Nana! She made the best pie!

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Rachel Peden said...

NK looks SO cute making cookies for Santa! She is so cute all the time though :) I'm glad the Grissom bunch got to come celebrate in your new house!