Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 7 years Josh and Val

Josh and I have now been married longer than we dated! Can you believe it! We celebrated our anniversary yesterday by a trip to the doctor. Everything was fine. We heard the baby heart beat and NK went with us. My due date is still the Dec. 14th one and not Dec 5. Oh well, maybe the baby will come early. We also had to move the ultrasound back so now we don't find out till July 27th instead of July 9th.
7 things I like about being married
1. My hubby is a the greatest
2. Josh and I made a precious little girl and another baby
3. We share our faith and encourage and pray for each other
4. Having each other to dicuss ideas and opinions
5. Spending time just him and me
6. I have a live-in handy man ;)
7. Loving more and more everyday!!!!

This might not become a trend it will become hard when we get to 50!
I went through all our pictures over the last 12 months and we don't have a single picture of just Josh and I. Huh.

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