Friday, January 7, 2011

Double Christmas 2010

We had lots of happenings and get togethers over Christmas. Christmas Eve Eve we had with Nana. Christmas Eve with PopPop and MomMom. Christmas Day with the Grissom's. Friend get together a few days after and a New Year's Eve party that I will post seperately. And a Christmas at Great Grandma's in which we forgot the camera. NK not only got to open all her presents (which was enough to fill a toy store) but all of Vivi's presents also. Hence the titile Double Christmas. Christmas morning was truly fantastic with lots of suprises and happy moments. One of the best moments from Christmas was Scott and Candy opening their gift from all of us. Hopefully their vacation will be super fun and exciting and refreshing after the icky chemo. If you notice one of the pictures has NK playing Uno Moo which has filled up a lot of time, she loves it. If you ask her, her favorite present it will be different every time. We are truly blessed with all the family and gifts.

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