Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NK's 4th Bday

I can't find her 3rd year old bday party pictures. :(

2nd bday

1st bday

We had a great 4 year old bday party! I seperated them this year; kid party and adult party. NK really enjoyed both! Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us. Also thank you for the prayers as I returned to work and the prayers for NK's recovery from her stomach flu or whatever it was. Vivi also had a great day at the babysitters today!

Did anyone see the baby? There was only one photo of her and you couldnt even see her outfit or face. I may have to fire my photographer after this years bday pics. She was really cute in her little dress up tutu. I'll have to dress her back up in it and take her pic for everyone.

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