Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Before we went to Trunk or Treat, NK, Grandmom, and myself had a fun time picking out some new tennis shoes. This was her first pair of tennis shoes and we of course had to go all out. They are white with pink lining and THEY LIGHT UP! Naomi Kate says "Oooohh" and laughs everytime she watches them light up. I included a few photos of her waiting for Grandmom. I wanted to show a video of the first time she saw them light up, it wouldn't work. It is very funny. Something else funny is that Josh said she had to wear her new shoes all day today. He put them on her in the morning and then after her nap the first thing she said when he went to get her was "Shoeeess."

We went to Trunk or Treat last night and it was fantastic. We really enjoyed all the adorable costumes, candy, coloring with sharpies (got on our forehead), and camera poses. Did you like my alliteration (all c's- that is our letter this week in Kindergarten)? Naomi Kate seemed to really like it. She looked so sweet in her cheerleading outfit. She got a finger puppet bat from one of the trunks and she thought that was the best thing ever. She showed everybody that passed by and said "bat-uh."

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