Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dress for Success

We are working on Naomi Kate dressing herself now. Usually I stand right by her and catch her as she is making mistakes while dressing. This time I put her outfit on her ottoman and told what to put where and left the room. Before this picture was taken she came to the door and said "Mommy, I need some heeelp." At first glance of this picture, you say good job she got her shorts on.

Then you see this photo and you think, well maybe not. Excuse me Miss you seem to have something sticking out of your bottom.

I have had a few questions about this- it is her other pant leg. She put both legs in one hole.

And the final result. Well, like I said we are working on it.


Jenny said...

Gotta learn somehow!:)

Rachel Peden said...

That is so cute!!