Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun 09

"We go swimmin" was all I heard after I found our beach bag on Monday. We finally went on Wednesday and she was very pleased to be there and didn't want to leave again just like at the sprinkles. Check our her 2 piece swimsuit her Grandmom bought her. Ahhhhh! My daughter is scantly clad!

Well, you see how I handled that. Cover it with a life jacket! Just kidding Dot. ;)

Do you like her "gogiggles?"

Nicole invited us to come play with Maddie and Ellie last Thursday. Naomi Kate had a blast with the sisters and Ellie, I think may be a doctor- a working mom with a baby.

We really enjoyed the June birthday party on Friday night! Notice our happy cheese right before we got "icereeem" and our super fun with Uncle "Sock".

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