Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby names

We have really had a hard time with child as far as names go. Just still have no idea what to pick! Josh has been a lot more stubborn about what he likes this time. He is constantly telling me that there are tons of dogs with that name or that is a mean cat's name at the clinic. NK wants her name to be Daisy Rose and any name we tell her or suggest she puts the middle name as Rose. If you have a good name to suggest please leave it in the comments section or vote for one that we are considering (poll on the sidebar). Thanks for your help and input!


Cacomistle said...

I nominate "Phoebe Ellen Grissom". I think that was Great G'ma Covalt's name? You'd have to double-check that, of course... can't wait to meet this baby! :-)

Lisa Buse said...

Willow, Lisa, lizette, anything but vivian

Rachel Peden said...

Maya, Savannah, okay that's all I can think of for now :)

Anonymous said...

You know what me and Naomi Kate want to name her: Pea-Pod Daisy Rose Grissom !!!!!!! And of course call her PEA-POD !!!!

Anonymous said...

Just heard the name Zella... don't know any of those.


Anonymous said...

OK... here goes, it's gotta be in here somewhere!

Annie, Aja, Avi
Bella, Bria
Callie, Camryn
Dani, Daveigh/Davie
Ella, Erin, Eden
Fallon, Finn
Garah, Gemma
Heather, Haven
Ireland, Irelynn
Jada, Jillie
Kelly, Kenzie
Leah, Lucy, Lula, Lilly, Laney
Nina, Nerah
Piper, Paisley
Rumor, Reva, Rayne
Sally, Sela, Shaylee
Tess, Tessa, Tilly, Taryn, Thea
Vallie, Vanna
Willow, Willa
Zanna, Zolah

There... A to Z :)