Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jackson's Orchard 2010

Okay so, who remembers the picture troubles we had on Easter with Connor, Emma, and NK? When one looks good the others do not and so on. Well, same goes for babies staying put in the same place and asking them to smile all at the same time! The pictures of the 3 of them should really crack everybody up. Did I mention it was hard to get them to stay still.
We had so much fun! When I asked Naomi Kate what her favorite part was she of course said the big slide. Thanks to Mag and Rach, she was able to go on the slide. There was no way I was gonna get up that high with this big belly. Ty wasn't a big fan of the slide but GG kept saying "gin" so it was fun times for Mag. Although she said the slide was her favorite, the first thing she told Josh when he got home was all about the wagon ride. The best part for me was my sweet friends, their adorable babies, and the fabulous apple cider slush and caramel apple (only $3.00 I might add)!!

We haven't been to the Orchard since NK was about 18 months. Here is a now and then comparison. Wow!

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