Friday, July 8, 2011

Michigan 2011

I'm sure you've heard that people in the north are a bit ruder than people in the south. I can attest to that after our family trip to visit my grandpa. Rude #1. While trying to find a parking spot on a packed 2 lane road that had cars parked on both sides of the street I had a lady almost hit my (new to me) car. Meanwhile she was telling me to get over and that "You got at least 5 inches over dare." Anyone wanta get a ruler out and measure 5 inches? Not much room for a Pathfinder huh? Rude #2: Older lady standing in a parking spot holding it for a car- man tries to pul in and almost runs her over honking and tells her to "Get the bleep out the way!" Cops got involved in that one. Rude #3. Lady arrested on the beach- scary! Rude #4. Guy flipping someone off for not apparent reason. Rude #5. Being told my dress was not modest enough. Leading others to sin. Only redeeming quality I coud find in Michiganders was a man telling a family he prayed for them to find their lost (and then quickly found) child on the beach.
We also had some great experiences. #1: I am really glad that my kids got to spend a little time with my grandpa. NK enjoyed following her great-grandpa around and picking strawberries in his garden. #2: She had her first beach experience, which was fantastic! If V hadn't taken a nose dive and roll into the sand it would have been perfect. I did learn that you can get sand off babies and children really easy with good old fashion baby powder. Very cool you should try it- it's like magic! #3 &4; We got to see 2 firework displays. The first one we were pretty far away but they were really good. The 2nd one was on the beach and that is a very memorable experience that everyone should have! #5: 4th of July Family cookout!

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David said...

Cute pics, Val! Glad y'all are home safe.