Thursday, August 25, 2011

V is 9 months!

Where has the time gone? The only thing slow so far with V is her night sleeping. (And it feels like I haven't slept through the night in YEARS!!!) She is growing up faster than NK, if that is possible. This post is suppose to be all about V but, of course, I had to slip in a pic of NK on her first night of dance class. She also has a very adorable new sparkly tutu (pics coming soon). Back to Vivi- 9 things about her for her 9 month bday:
1) Have I mentioned she STILL doesn't sleep through the night? Here lately (this past week) she's gotten worse. Up at least 3 times throughout the night. My brain has turned to mush and I am a zombie. V is still a happy baby (for the most part) during the day sans the sleeping. Go figure
2) V is pulling up and can stand on her own for a few seconds without holding on to anything, she is a super fast crawler and can get in the cat food before you can blink.
3) Vivi LOVES her big sister. She laughs and smiles at her and basically thinks she hung the moon. NK eats it up.
4) V is a human vacuum. She will eat anything! We haven't found a thing that she doesn't like. And give her lots of it. While she eats she says "yummmuummmyumm ymmm, nnnmmmm" it's pretty funny.
5) Vivi has no seperation anxiety. Naomi Kate had seperation anxiety till she was 3. V actually crawled up in a stranger's lap on Tuesday at NK's dance play room.
6) Vivian is still pretty short. She has grown some in the past few days b/c she is fitting into the 6-9 month clothes. Up until 3 days ago she was still wearing 3-6 month clothes.
7) She says "Mommmmmuuu, mmmoommmuu, and dadaddaadu" for Josh and I.
8) She loves bathtime and splashes and plays with her big sissy for 20 minutes and cries when she has to get out.
9) Vivian Rose has the most adorable smile and laugh and she giggles all the time.

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