Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wildlife conservation area

Last week Naomi Kate and I were looking for a different place to walk around and investigate.  We decided to stop by the wildlife conservation area right off Walton Ferry Rd.  We actually went to the little beach area first but it was packed!  
It was nice to explore a new place and I think she enjoyed all the trees and the birds.  As we got close to the water there was a dead possum and it smelled so bad I almost vomited.  NK must have developed her daddy's sense of smell because she didn't seem to notice.  
In the last picture she was getting tired and hot.  It was time Mommy did her job and carried her back.  She is also displaying in her hand her latest favorite thing- Lip Gloss or "goss" she says.  We had at least 6 tubes of it but they have all mysteriously disappeared.  Hmm, will this be a new theme in our lives??   

 She is feeling better by the way but still has a lingering cough.

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