Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

We also had lots of fun on Father's Day.  Josh got his presents early (fishing stuff), but Naomi Kate and I went to Krystal's early Sunday morn and got him his favorite (or I thought it was) breakfast.  Then we went to Grandma's House for lunch.  After lunch we took a long hot walk to a bridge that is very close to her house (or we thought it was).  Yuck!  We got very hot and sweaty.  I guess the strawberry shortcake made up for it.  Yum!  NK got to have a purple popsicle that she proceeded to squirt all over Josh and I once it melted enough.  haha baby girl.  We got dad a blackjack book so he can win when he goes to the casinos.  Happy Father's Day everybody!

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