Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm a little long winded today

Josh and I had a fabulous time in Bowling Green!  We did a lot of fun stuff believe it or not, well it was fun for us anyway.  We had a nice quiet drive (no Veggie Tale songs), I actually read a book other than the Bible this weekend.  It is called Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.  It was a bit predictable if you have read his other books but still very good.  I am about to start another of his novels Deception Point.  We went to Smokey Bones on Friday night, one of our favorites from BG.  We went swimming and just stayed out late.  The next morning we slept till... drum roll please.. 10AM!  Awesome!!  We went to Mancino's for lunch yummy (oh and get this mag you can use your Big Red Dollars there now!!--Grrr hiss not fair).  Then we drove around school and saw all the new nice buildings, then to the mall where we shopped till we dropped and ran into Valerie Jones.  It was nice to see Zoe Kate in person although she was sleeping shhh.  I still can't believe she still fits in her infant car seat, Naomi Kate would be a giant next to her!  We went to Yuki's for dinner with a little help from David and Phillip we finally found it.  Then we actually went to a movie!  This is the funniest weirdest part, as Josh and I were driving in to BG I told him that I wished I had Facebooked Lauren a good friend from the Eled program I went to school with.  She was at the Indiana Jones Movie!!  Sitting right down the aisle from me 81/2 mos pregnant.  She had never even seen an Indiana Jones movie before but her hubby had said lets go see it and she said okay.  Isn't that cool!  By the way, very good movie despite what others have said, it really tied in a lot of the other movies, Josh and I loved it!  Sunday we slept in again and had some lunch and headed home to our precious blue-eyed girl!  Mommy missed her baby sooooo much!  Thanks to Grandmom for doing such a great job watching our baby girl!  


Valerie said...

It was great to see you in BG! Glad you had such a great weekend here in Big Red Country :o)
Come back soon!

Maggie Jean White said...

So glad you had fun... i can't believe that about mancino's. that would have been awesome!!