Friday, June 27, 2008

I would like to introduce the superstar of our house.  Her name gets said at least 50 times a day if not more.  It is the one and only "BOOOOO."  Naomi Kate loves her so much she looks for her everywhere.  She is the first name we here when we go to get her in the morning and we must periodically throughout the day check to see where Boo is.  

For those of you that have not tried the strawberries and cream coffee cake at Starbucks, here is picture of it.   I am addicted to it.  You must try it is fantastic! 


Valerie said...

I'd love to share a conversation and a piece of that cake with you! I LOVE Starbucks... or Fourbucks as Matt would call it.

Maggie Jean White said...

I am so glad that Miss Boo loves naomi kate more than miss boo loves david!